New testing solutions for public transport fare media from KEOLABS

KEOLABS_CentKEOLABS, a leading provider of smart card and NFC testing solutions and services, announced its CEN/TS 16794-2 Testing Solution for analog and digital conformance verification of PICC and Mobile phones used in transport fare applications. The testing solution is the result of KEOLABS’ active participation in tool and testing standardization in conjunction with the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) and the French Agency for Multimodal Information and Ticketing (AFIMB). KEOLABS’ CEN/TS 16794-2 Testing Solution is complemented by conformance testing solutions covering the standards ISO/IEC 14443 (for contactless objects), NFC Forum (for mobile objects) and EMVCo (for payment applications).

“Our CEN/TS 16794-2 Testing Solution is the result of extensive participation on industry and government standards for fare collection technologies,” stated Stéphane Jobard, KEOLABS’ Director of Validation Solutions. “This is also a logical technological extension of our validation solutions for contactless and mobile smart objects used in identity, payment and transportation fare collections. The ISO/IEC 18745-2, CEN/TS 16794-2 standard is strictly based on ISO/IEC 14443 interoperability(1). Currently, the ISO/IEC 14443 standard is driving to integrate NFC constraints,” explained Stéphane Jobard.

KEOLABS’ CEN/TS 16794-2 Testing Solution is built on a flexible, open testing environment. Based on KEOLABS’ SCRIPTIS™ software, the solution combines push-button ease-of-use and full visibility of all testing results. Users can also modify testing scripts (Python language) to develop their own test cases and validate these in the integrated script debugger.
The CEN/TS 16794-2 Testing Solution allows companies to optimize their testing tool budget. The solution is based on a common testing platform covering the analog and digital testing requirements for related standards including ISO/IEC 14443, NFC Forum and EMVCo.

(1) ISO/IEC 14443 interoperability is ensured by the ISO/IEC 10373-6 testing standard.

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