New white paper from Global Platform explains how to speed up contactless payment solution deployment

GP_WhitepaperIndustry association GlobalPlatform, has published its latest white paper, ‘End-to-End Simplified Service Management Framework: Streamlining Payment Service Management Using GlobalPlatform Technologies’. The paper introduces the End-to-End Simplified Framework and educates readers on how to use the document. The framework provides a template of the relevant specifications, both from GlobalPlatform and other industry bodies, needed to deploy a GlobalPlatform service on a near field communication (NFC)-enabled mobile device, with an initial focus on contactless payments.

By providing a ‘configuration’, which is more simply described as an end-to-end solution based on a specific use case, the framework document presents service providers with only the specifications relevant to their core business activity. The paper highlights that the result of following this configuration is a faster deployment time, with less overhead than a typical project. An important conclusion is that by following the End-to-End Simplified Framework, service providers can ensure they retain both functionality and security of the deployment.

Gil Bernabeu, GlobalPlatform’s Technical Director, commented, “GlobalPlatform has published this paper to promote more widespread understanding of the End-to-End Simplified Framework and how it can be used now to speed up NFC contactless payment deployments. Specifically, we want to raise awareness of the value it can deliver as a new type of implementation guide designed to support product managers, system architects and other requirements owners, who may be new to GlobalPlatform yet looking for a simple way to implement an end-to-end solution for NFC contactless payment applications for mobile devices.

“GlobalPlatform has been creating specifications for 15 years; the result is a rich and powerful standardized technical infrastructure that offers several options to cover a variety of use cases. We recognize that many actors in the value chain need help in understanding which parts of the infrastructure are relevant to them. This is why the End-to-End Simplified Framework has been developed. While the initial focus of the framework has been contactless payments, GlobalPlatform is currently working on the expansion of the framework to cover other verticals.”

In addition to introducing the expansive GlobalPlatform architecture and describing the objectives and benefits of the End-to-End Simplified Framework, the white paper also:

  • Defines the stakeholders and project phases to consider in a NFC deployment.
  • Explains how to use the E2E Simplified Framework.
  • Illustrates how the End-to-End Simplified Framework relates specifically to payment services.

You can download the ‘End-to-End Simplified Service Management Framework: Streamlining Payment Service Management Using GlobalPlatform Technologies’ free of charge from the GlobalPlatform website.

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