INSIDE Secure provides “off-the-shelf” solutions for banks looking to offer HCE cloud-based payments

HCE ServicesINSIDE Secure have announced that HCE Service Ltd, UK and HCE Secure IT Services (Pvt) Ltd, India will leverage INSIDE Secure’s technology in conjunction with their SWIM (Software Wireless Identity Module), a Wireless Public Key Infrastructure (WPKI) based secure mobile payments platform offering a new product for banks seeking solutions to offer HCE cloud-based payments for leading payment schemes.

INSIDE Secure claim to have the industry’s easiest to deploy HCE payment software on the market, by utilizing a unique combination of technologies, and is now being leveraged by innovative companies like HCE Service to bring highly secure, multi-scheme compliant & ready to use HCE solutions to the market quickly. “We are thrilled to be leveraging INSIDE Secure’s proven technology and expertise in delivering HCE payment technology to support HCE Service’s SWIM mobile payments platform,” said Dr Chandra Patni, CEO of HCE Service. “The combination of INSIDE Secure’s knowledge of payment and advanced software security with HCE Service’s unique SWIM WPKI architecture brings a new standard to the HCE payment market.”

HCE Service has brought its Wireless Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology to deliver a dual token-based, end-to-end HCE tokenization and authorization cloud service.

Software Wireless Identity Module (SWIM) uses INSIDE Secure’s white box Matrix SSE software development kit (SDK) to enable a mobile device to use Wireless PKI cryptographics, and allows Authentication, Confidentiality and Digital Signing via separate key pairs. SWIM mobile apps are capable of performing two main functions: digital signing for non-repudiation and user and device authentication. SWIM apps provide PKI security, run on Android and other smartphones, and are managed on end consumer mobile devices via a unique SaaS (Software as a Service) hosted managed service by These apps provide WPKI secured EMV card tokenization and associated EMV NFC mobile payment processing based on Visa and MasterCard HCE, host card emulation standards.

When licensed by companies like HCE Service, INSIDE Secure’s MatrixHCE gives issuers and banks greater flexibility in deployment by leveraging cloud and software technology to work with all potential players for secure mobile payments using Near Field Communication (NFC) and other technologies claims INSIDE Secure.

“With a full range of embedded security solutions and unmatched expertise, INSIDE Secure is uniquely positioned to help card schemes, issuers and app developers secure their business models, even when using newer software-based secure element solutions,” said Amedeo D’Angelo, President and Chief Executive Officer of INSIDE Secure. “It’s satisfying to see real-world deployments of highly secure HCE payments beginning to roll out, knowing this is just a starting point for the broader adoption of secure mobile payments.”

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