DNP, E Ink announce partnership – will bring displays onto NFC smartcards

DNPDai Nippon Printing (DNP) and E Ink Holdings have announced a strategic partnership to co-develop and co-market products using E Ink e-paper. DNP will leverage its sales network in Japan to expand business by developing products targeted at the marketing and sales promotion segment of the retail market or the security card and smartcard business for the financial and transportation market segments. E Ink will provide the e-paper products along with the engineering support. The collaboration will focus on expanding these businesses in the Japanese and Southeast Asia market.

The partnership will focus specifically on developing two types of products. One product line will focus on incorporating E Ink Prism color changing film into retail promotion displays used by retailers for new product launches, in-store promotions and numerous marketing and merchandising activities.

The other product line will focus on incorporating E Ink Mobius displays into NFC-enabled smartcards used by financial institutions for their customers. These products will take advantage of the ultra-low power, flexible and light weight of Mobius displays to provide the end customer value-added information or services. The low power consumption enables additional product functionality without the consumer having to worry about battery life.

The new retail and sales promotion products will be marketed by DNP and will incorporate E Ink’s color changing Prism product to more easily attract consumer attention and purchasing decision. Prism will be incorporated into DNP’s original POP product. Due to the low power nature of the Prism, and DNP’s design, the promotion products will be battery powered and can be placed anywhere in the store, just like the original paper product.

The product for financial institutions will incorporate Mobius flexible, low power active matrix displays into DNP’s NFC-based smartcard products.

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