Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge shipping minus Samsung Pay

SamsungPayThere are reports coming out from a variety of sources in the US that mobile network operator Verizon is shipping the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge minus the Samsung Pay mobile payment wallet. The payment app appears on other carriers versions of the phone, leading commentators to question the reasoning behind such a move.

A published Verizon statement on Digital Trends attempted (unsuccessfully) to throw some light on their reasoning; “Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge devices are compatible with the Samsung Pay app, which Samsung will make available on the Google Play Store soon. Please contact Samsung for more information.”

Customers who received their phones earlier than the March 11 launch date noticed the lack of Samsung Pay, but more importantly, it’s not available in Google Play or Galaxy Apps. It soon became clear that Verizon was completely blocking customers from using the service. Samsung supposedly told reviewers that Verizon demanded the app be removed from the phones. Verizon even removed all references to Samsung Pay from the manuals.

Verizon does have a habit of blocking  bundled wallet apps. A similar situation happened over Google Wallet because of the Softcard mobile wallet connection (owned by other network carriers).

Verizon agreed to support Samsung Pay back in October 2015, but perhaps that support doesn’t necessary mean the bundling of the app on the phone. This would be an unwise move as unlike Apple Pay and Android Pay, Samsung Pay is ideally suited for US counter transactions thanks to the inclusion of LoopPay magstripe technology – easily making it more likely than the other mobile wallet to be used in US over-the-counter transactions..

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