Austria Card to support mobile payment scheme – Mobile Maestro

maestro_Austria CardMobile Maestro (Bankomatkarte Mobil), an NFC mobile payment app enabled by Payment Services Austria (PSA) and supported by Austria Card, has been launched.

Following a successful field trial in Linz (Upper Austria), Maestro cardholders in Austria are able to make payments just by waving their mobile devices in front of a contactless payment terminal. Konstantinos Lagios, Chief Commercial Officer at Austria Card said, “Mobile Maestro will set the next era in mobile payments, since it combines increased convenience with high security and will be made available to Austrian cardholders. We would like to thank PSA for trusting Austria Card with such a significant project.”

Mobile Maestro will be available on Android mobile phones running version 4.1 or higher. The service can be used in the more than 250,000 PayPass outlets worldwide, including 35,000 contactless point-of-sale terminals in Austria. “We are proud that we are the first to introduce a nationwide mobile payment scheme. We thank Austria Card, our long-standing partner for supporting us with their extensive expertise in payments technology”, says Dr. Rainer Schamberger, CEO at PSA.

In order to ensure a high security standard, a secure element within the mobile phone holds all the sensitive information and the datacenter is hosted by Austria Card and is certified by Visa and MasterCard for mobile provisioning. Moreover, Austria Card is also taking care of all security relevant aspects, including sensitive key management, PCI DSS compliant network infrastructure, and monitoring of the Trusted/Business Service management (BSM) system.

There is a short video (German Language) available to promote the new mobile payment service.

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