Institut Curie can now take donations using contactless multi-payment screen

Curie_InstituteIngenico Group has integrated contactless multi-payments into connected screens in the Paris Saint-Lazare train station, for the Curie Institute donation week. Passers-by will be able to make donations or purchases of different amounts for the Institut Curie by pressing their contactless bank card on the screen. It is a simple, safe and innovative solution for making a one-off donation or payment – and the first of its kind in France.

This initiative is the result of collaboration between Ingenico Group, the global leader in seamless payment, and various companies working towards the deployment of screen-commerce: Think&Go, Médiatransport and the Cartes Bancaires CB group. “Screen-commerce is radically changing marketing and impulse purchases. Furthermore, it is revolutionising business and e-commerce at street level. It is now possible to make purchases anywhere, at any time. Alongside each of our partners, we are witnessing the emergence of a new sales and marketing channel in which connected, dynamic, interactive, multi-content and multi-purchase screens help engage consumers in less than a second”, said Vincent Berge, CEO and Founder of Think&Go.

With technology developed by Ingenico Group, advertising screens in the Paris Saint-Lazare station are being turned into fundraising instruments for making donations towards a great cause. A ‘Jonquille’ advertising screen will enable passers-by with contactless payment cards to make donations of €3 or €4. “Digital displays are rapidly changing and are increasingly orientating towards connectivity with consumers. We are on board with this trend and hope to become one of the leaders in the field thanks to Think&Go’s very advanced technology”, said Valerie Decamp, Vice-President of Médiatransports, a transport display specialist. “Beyond demonstrating our commitment, our participation in the event provides an opportunity to test the effectiveness of these screens in a strategic location such as a station”.

This year, thanks to Ingenico Group’s cross-channel solutions, passers-by will also be able to purchase a daffodil or a pin using the connected screen and collect them in the purchasing area. Their payment card, which will be used as proof of purchase, will be identified by an Ingenico mobile payment terminal within the purchasing area.

We are thrilled to be supporting this operation for the Curie Institute again this year by providing our latest innovations in digital experiences and connected object payment solutions. We are sure that this increased ease-of-use will attract generosity from people passing through Paris Saint-Lazare station, therefore maximising the number of donations made towards the Curie Institute”, commented Michel Léger, EVP Innovation, Ingenico Group.


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