EMVCo ‘Greenlights’ FIME mobile payments performance test tool

FIME_GreenlightFIME’s Greenlight test tool has been qualified by technical body EMVCo to deliver Level 1 mobile performance testing. The fully automated tool measures the payment transaction time between a smartphone and acceptance terminal. The tool is available to purchase for in-house testing and is used by FIME’s laboratories.

“Smartphone payment systems are gaining traction and it is vital that mobile phones operate as intended once live in the field as speed and interoperability will be key drivers for adoption. We ensure Greenlight is constantly updated with the latest industry requirements so that handset manufacturers can achieve the required certifications as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Guillaume Labendzki, Vice President – Marketing at FIME.

EMVCo Level 1 Mobile Performance Testing evaluates the command processing and transaction time between the mobile phone and payment acceptance terminal. The Greenlight test tool integrates the new performance test protocol and automatically generates a full documented test report.

Prior to this test from EMVCo, each global payment system had individual requirements. The process from EMVCo has created a consistent, global framework that will streamline testing and reduce product time to market.

Greenlight is able to test both smart cards and mobile phones (whether they are Secure Element (SE)-based or Host Card Emulation (HCE)-based) against the requirements mandated by American Express, Discover Network, EMVCo, JCB and MasterCard. To evaluate PICC performance, the testing system automatically performs more than ten transactions to accurately measure command processing and transmitting times.The Greenlight tool completes FIME’s global offering to support EMVCo Level 1 Mobile Performance Testing Specifications.

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