Meet the CMA 2016 Finalists: Contactless & Mobile City Initiatives

C&MCIAwarded for the most ambitious and widespread initiative to implement mobile or contactless technology. Applications can include mobile payment, public transportation, hospitality and tourist schemes. there are a heap of these ongoing at the moment but these are the four that made it to the final.

Here are the 2016 finalists in the Contactless & Mobile City Initiatives category;


TEDIPAY (UK) Ltd, dubbed “the rocket science company”, has several disruptive innovations in its technology portfolio: “Wildcard”, an open-API secure platform for wearables; “MultiPass”, a smart transit ticketing solution based on contactless payments; and “Magic”, a fully integrated retail platform that unifies payments, loyalty, coupons and receipts into a seamless single-click user experience. MultiPass enables best-fare smart transit ticketing using contactless payments, so that transport operators can benefit from the emerging global macro trend driven by Apple, Google, Samsung, Visa, MasterCard and major banks.  MultiPass is offered on the unique disruptive “zero Capex” basis, allowing transport operators to implement smart ticketing without disrupting their existing operations and without incurring any capital cost. MultiPass supports both prepay and post-pay business models. It can be deployed across the whole network in a matter of weeks. Additional tangible benefits enabled by MultiPass include flexible fares and flexible capping, vastly enhanced customer satisfaction, increased ridership, reduced fraud and overall improvement of paperless ticketing operations.

Československá obchodní banka (ČSOB) operates as a universal bank in the Czech Republic, providing its services to retail clients, small and medium enterprises as well as corporate and institutional clients. ČSOB is the number one provisioner of cashless payments in public transport in the Czech Republic, gradually involving more and more carriers to allow passengers to use various means of transport – even within different cities, without having to use paper tickets or cards other than payment cards. The transport solution by ČSOB reflects not only passenger requirements for comfort and easy application, but also delivers a number of benefits for the carriers and cities – minimum cash, simplified transport, and more attractive public transport. Public transport plays an essential role in city life; therefore, our solution might provide the backbone for so-called smart cities utilizing smart technology to the maximum. For the purposes of transportation, we have also developed tokenization to interconnect season stamps with bank cards. Furthermore, this technology can also be applied to other fields. We have initiated a project with an important Czech ice hockey club where the bank card serves as a season ticket; so fans only have to take their bank card to the game. Our unique solution is based on a robust acceptance system which enables virtual tickets to be kept outside the cards. This significantly improves security and extends application options. This year, we intend to pilot this technology in festivals across the Czech Republic, taking advantage of other opportunities offered by EMV, NFC and virtualization.

Cork Cashes Out was a pilot initiative rolled out by Cork City Centre Forum, supported by the Banking and Payments Federation Ireland, to make Cork City Ireland’s first cash-free city and is in line with Cork being a “smart” city. The Cork City Centre Forum was established by the Cork Chamber in September 2014 and comprises all the major business stakeholders in Cork City. This includes retailers and business owners from across the city as well as Cork City Council, Cork Chamber of Commerce, An Garda Siochana and the Cork Business Association (CBA). As part of its commitment to advance new innovative opportunities, Cork City Centre Forum launched the Cork Cashes Out initiative, a pilot scheme, in November 2015. ‘Cork Cashes Out’ was a first of its kind initiative aimed at encouraging the adoption of cash-free payment options by consumers and retailers and to position Cork as Ireland’s first ‘cash-free city’. As Ireland’s second largest city with a “smart city” agenda, Cork was ideal for the roll out of Cork Cashes Out. To support the initiative an integrated communication plan was executed to coincide with the initial launch. This played an important role in raising awareness of the scheme among businesses and consumers, as well as education for the wider public about the benefits of using non-cash payment methods.

India’s first contactless digital payment eco-system, MoboMoney intends to reshape the value chain in the digital payment ecosystem in India by infusing better user experience, innovative technology platform solutions with low cost of deployment. Enabling Digital Payments in a country largely driven by cash presents a huge socio–economic opportunity to bring a positive change in the country’s financial system. MoboMoney is a contactless payment solution developed by Tech Mahindra, and implements both NFC and a sound based payment feature. The wallet is issued in the form of an NFC tag. The option of PIN-less transactions coupled with the simplicity of an NFC enabled Tap-n-Pay experience has helped consumers and merchants realize the benefits of digital payments. Sound based payments will enable financial inclusion, as it requires minimal hardware and works even on feature phones. Beyond payments at hyperlocal merchant POS, Tech Mahindra is investing to expand the contactless digital payment ecosystem, making it the only service provider in the digital wallet space to build a Digital Payments infrastructure. With a vision to enable all forms of payment instruments including open-loop Bank issued payment cards, this strategy will narrow the digital divide and leverage socio-economic opportunities linked to a ‘cash-less’ ecosystem.

You can find out who the lucky winner for the category will be by attending the awards ceremony that will be held on the 26th April in London. Tickets are still available and can be found by following the link here – but don’t delay as places are limited.

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