Payleven targets developer community with new SDK

payleven_NFCpayleven, has launched a suite of developer products for mobile payment integration on iOS and Android; payleven for Developers. The company maintains that they are the only mPOS provider to offer multi-channel payments and say that merchants and developers who are looking to integrate payments into their marketplace platforms or point of sale apps can do so in multiple ways via payleven’s technology.

Konstantin Wolff, Co-founder and Managing Director of payleven said, “In the mobile revolution, payment integration and interconnectivity between solutions is vital. Here at payleven, we are addressing this need by delivering diverse options, as the only multi-channel payment technology company for small businesses and app developers alike.”

Early adopters of payleven’s integration solution is conichi; The Hotel App, which connects guests with hotels. “By offering mobile payments, the conichi app provides hotel guests with a complete mobile check-in/check-out experience. This eliminates the need to wait in line at the reception to pay, giving guests access to their room immediately and ultimately enhances the guests overall hotel stay,” said Frederic Haitz, conichi Founder & COO.

payleven for Developers products include App Pay; a simple, secure way for developers to integrate in-app payments for purchases via a smartphone or tablet, without the need for a card reader. The product allows for easy, repeat sales by identifying returning users. This is particularly valuable for marketplaces that require seamless payment functionality in their app – to accept payments in the most efficient way possible.

payleven for Developers also introduces, Point Pay, which allows developers to integrate mPOS payments with a card reader into their app. payleven offers two ways to integrate, either via the API or SDK. The API completes payments in the payleven app, after automatically switching from the app in which the payment was first initiated. Alternatively, the SDK gives developers end-to-end control completing payments in their app maintaining a native user experience, without ever switching between apps.

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