Russia’s Udobny Marshrut to integrate the CIPURSE™ open standard into its GetFare AFC solution

OSPT_ReleaseOSPT™ Alliance, the international association that provides an open standard for secure transit fare collection solutions, has welcomed Udobny Marshrut, an automated fare collection (AFC) systems integrator based in Moscow, as its latest full member. 

Udobny Marshrut is a significant presence in the Russian AFC market. It offers the GetFare AFC solution, which has been implemented across 13 different regions in Russia by over 300 different transit companies and which accounts for over seven million issued contactless cards.

Alexander Komarov, Chief Technical Officer at Udobny Marshrut commented, “GetFare and AFC technology have gained a huge amount of traction in Russia, providing dramatic cost reductions for transit authorities and increased efficiency for passengers. We have joined OSPT Allliance as we recognize the importance of an open and flexible standard to continue our leadership in this area. Over the next 12 months we intend to complete a development project using CIPURSE cards and ultimately pursue a wide scale implementation across all of the regions which we operate in.”

Since December 2015, GetFare has supported OSPT Alliance’s CIPURSE™ open standard, which offers an advanced foundation for developing highly secure, interoperable and flexible applications.

“OSPT Alliance’s long term vision is to create a global, multi-provider community for transport. Russia has one of the world’s largest public transport networks – our presence in such a significant market is integral to accomplishing this goal. I am pleased to welcome Udobny Marshrut and to support its efforts in integrating CIPURSE into the GetFare solution,” concluded OSPT Alliance’s Executive Director, Laurent Cremer.

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