NFC Forum, GCF push device interoperability for public transport

public transportThe NFC Forum and the Global Certification Forum (GCF) have entered into a cooperation agreement that allows both GCF and NFC Forum labs to run NFC Forum analog and NFC tag test cases and recognize test results across both organizations.

This agreement represents a major step toward the objective of providing interoperable contactless public transport access and ticketing using a broad range of NFC-enabled devices worldwide. NFC Forum test cases have been added to GCF Certification Criteria for mobile devices incorporating ticketing and transport NFC-related functionality based on requirements defined in GSMA TS.26 NFC Handset Requirements Document and TS.27 NFC Handset Test Book.

The news supports the recently released Milestone Public Statement and NFC Interoperability Positioning Paper published jointly by GSMA, Smart Ticketing Alliance, and NFC Forum.

“Incorporating NFC-based ticketing and transport functionality in the GCF Certification process will streamline the vital pre-launch testing of mobile devices,” said Lars Nielsen, General Manager, GCF. “This initiative will benefit the mobile industry and consumers by reducing testing costs and shortening time-to-market for this valuable device capability.”

GSMA has documented Mobile Operators requirements for NFC services, which include the implementation of mobile ticketing and transport services. Mobile handset manufacturers are supporting these guidelines to ensure the broadest range of interoperability for their devices. The long-term goal is to have NFC-enabled phones tested using NFC Forum test cases. Global, standardized NFC testing means that consumers will one day be able to access and pay for multiple forms of public transportation throughout the world with their NFC-enabled phones. This will allow passengers to board transportation faster, simplify fare collection, and provide a consistent experience from country to country and transit system to transit system.

“This is an ambitious, multiyear project we have embarked on. We are committed to working with public transportation organizations across the globe to make travel easier and more convenient using NFC technology,” said Paula Hunter, executive director, NFC Forum. “Working together with GCF through a network of GCF Recognized Test Organizations and NFC Forum Authorized Test Labs, we will promote the use of NFC test cases to validate NFC-enabled mobile devices. Validation will ensure that the devices meet industry specifications and are interoperable.”

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