Veoo launches mobile wallet solution in UK

veooVeoo, a London-based provider of mobile messaging solutions, has announced the launch of a new mobile wallet solution. The solution allows marketers to deliver branded content like offers, coupons and loyalty cards to customers.

Marketers can also deliver time and location-sensitive offers that operate like push notifications within the Apple and Android wallet apps. Apple and Google standardize all offers delivered within the apps.

The ads are delivered, either through SMS, Web or mobile ads. The customers save the offer to their wallets and from there, the brand has gained an updated foothold in a consumer’s back pocket.

Veoo’s new product is modeled on a similar solution from Vibes, a U.S.-based company that has partnered with Veoo. Vibes works with brands like Honda, Chipotle, Gap and Old Navy to engage with customers through their mobile wallets.

Mobile wallets offer brands and retailers a unique opportunity to engage with consumers and deliver offers specifically for a certain segment, while loyalty programs go hand in hand with mobile wallets, which has led to massive growth in the sector for retailers and brands large and small.

“These mobile wallets were built to help brands drive in-store visits, redemptions and ROI, and statistics suggest that the vast majority of customers say their opinion of a brand would improve if given opportunities to save offers and loyalty cards to Apple Wallet and Android Pay,” stated Matthew Winters, CEO of Veoo.

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