oti Introduces PayCapsule-Flex payment enabler inserts for fashion, wearbles

 oti_pay-flexOn Track Innovations Ltd. (oti), a global provider of near field communication (NFC) and cashless payment systems, has introduced the global availability of PayCapsule-Flex, one of the smallest payment cards globally. The PayCapsule-Flex payment enabler inserts are designed to turn existing products and fashion garments into payment devices and wearables with Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities.

oti’s new PayCapsule-Flex is paper-thick thin and available in various sizes ranging from 12×40 mm (0.47″ x 1.57″) to 15×65 mm (0.59″ x 2.5″). PayCapsule-Flex is made of highly durable yet flexible materials, making it extremely light-weight, bendable, machine washable, as well as water resistance up to 90° Celsius (194° Fahrenheit).

PayCapsule-Flex incorporates the latest NXP SmartMX2 P60 secure microcontroller platform offering advanced security features and high performance due to its powerful co-processors. Combined with oti’s technology and advanced antenna design, the new PayCapsule-Flex offers excellent radio frequency (RF) levels and contactless reception.

The new PayCapsule-Flex is offered as part of oti’s PayEnable™ platform, targeting both traditional and trendy wearables manufacturers seeking to include both IoT and payment capabilities into their products. The PayEnable platform provides manufacturers with a convenient “one-stop-shop” offering that covers the entire system and services infrastructure required to turn their products into payment devices, relieving them of the need to develop and manage relationships with banks, issuers, and other service providers.

The new PayCapsule-Flex units are available for immediate delivery.

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