Smart Insights Report; mobile ticketing to grow at a 51% CAGR by 2021

Mobile_trainThe latest Smart Insights Report “Smart ticketing on the path to dematerialization” explores in detail the dynamics and the specifics of the innovative smart ticketing business. It anticipates that in spite of the growth of software and service based solutions, public transport operators will issue over one billion smart cards by 2021. 

This new Smart Insights Report analyzes in detail the requirements and solutions for Automated Fare Collection (AFC). Most public transportation operators have already covered the path from paper and magstripe tickets to smart contactless cards. Now multiple new solutions are coming up, including mobile ticketing and open loop. Today banking cards (or other application cards) and mobile phones, using NFC (Near Field Communication) applications or QR codes for instance, are also used as valuable ticketing options.

“Smart ticketing on the path to dematerialization” investigates in detail the complete value chain associated with each solution and explores the advantages and disadvantages of each solution for its players along the value chain. To provide a better understanding of this market, Smart Insights examines six use cases: Tokyo, London, Paris, New York, Moscow and Beijing. Tickets and cards (magstripe or smart card-based) are forecasted for each of these markets, as well as the adoption of mobile and open loop ticketing solutions. A worldwide analysis is also developed for the period 2016-2021,” said Silvana Pintão, industry analyst for Smart Insights and author of the report. “Transportation operators are caught between different objectives and constraints: they are willing to show always more adaption and services to passengers but, at the same time, their are constrained by the weight of existing infrastructure and the regulatory framework.”

The main driver for this evolution is a need to optimize resources and improve the quality of service delivered to passengers. These future-proof solutions bring additional flexibility to transportation operators, at the expense of a higher complexity and more involvement in the global payment ecosystem. Their development may also be hindered by the weight of regulation and the extended lifecycles associated with the transport service industry.

Thierry Spanjaard, CEO of Smart Insights, added, “We are experiencing a turning point in the operation of mass transit: the whole software and services aspect is now prevailing over the physical fare media.”

This Smart Insights Report, titled “Smart ticketing on the path to dematerialization,” has been produced combining Smart Insights long-standing experience and unique positioning in the secure transactions industry with interviews with key players in the transportation industry. It is an essential tool to all key stakeholders in secure transactions industry and transportation industry such as ticketing system providers, fare media vendors, hardware and software providers, standards organizations, technology developers and systems integrators, etc.

The Smart Insights Report “Smart ticketing on the path to dematerialization” is available at

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