Brussels chooses Vix Technology to deliver future-proof transit ticketing back office

brussels_tramBrussels transport authority STIB (Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles) has selected smart ticketing and payment technology solution company Vix Technology  to implement a new transit ticketing back office system, integrating multiple bus, tram and rail operators and operating systems into a single core platform.

Underpinning transport networks across the city which serve more than 1 million passengers a day, the platform’s open architecture will enable the city to retain its existing investments such as fare collection equipment. Also, utilising the existing Mobib smartcard network already in place, travellers will benefit from significantly improved ticket validation and purchasing speeds.

“This project is the cornerstone for the wider modernisation plans for STIB”, said Pierre-André Rulmont, VP Information Systems, STIB. “Vix’s detailed migration and future development plans were key to their selection. The scalability of the platform has the potential to easily integrate next-generation technologies to better benefit our customers, such as supporting account-based payments. This implementation will ensure we have a secure, reliable validation and payments management system to serve the city for years to come.”

Following a successful proof of concept trial delivered in Besancon, France, Vix Technology was selected to build and deliver a new back-office system (due for deployment in summer 2018) as part of a 10-year contract. Migrating from multiple systems into a single, connected solution, the delivery will be supported by specialist software teams across EMEA, with continued development and maintenance thereafter based in Besancon and Brussels respectively.

Accompanying the back office system, further development will see a new data warehouse deployed to provide a much greater level of transparency across the network. This will enable operational teams at STIB to monitor and analyse real-time network information, utilising data mining techniques to improve decision making and improve services across the city.

Aaron Ross, Managing Director of Vix Technology, highlighted the success of the project so far has been largely due to the close operating partnership between Vix Technology and STIB. “Throughout the concept phase and the development to date, our teams have been building the new system in partnership, ensuring existing infrastructure investment is optimised, whilst providing a seamless transition between the old and new system. The open and modular nature of the Vix back office will enable STIB to deploy new transit ticketing technologies as required. This includes mobile ticketing, contactless EMV payments and account based ticketing.”

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