Handheld adds eTicketing capabilities to ALGIZ RT7 Android rugged tablet

handheldHandheld Group, a  manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, have released the Algiz RT7 eTicket, a new version of its Algiz RT7 Android tablet that adds a specialized RFID reader so transit workers can use it for mobile ticketing tasks.

The Algiz RT7 eTicket offers the optimum combination of advanced functionality, lightning-fast transaction speed, light weight, reliability and ruggedness for mobile transit environments. The contactless electronic link between card and reader provides a fast interface to handle a high volume of transactions.

The integrated Arcontia smart card reader makes the Algiz RT7 eTicket a fast and dependable tool for contactless payment collection. This powerful reader, compatible with the entire MIFARE family, supports ISO/IEC and ISO14443 type A/B RFID tags/cards, and has two integrated Secure Access Modules (SAM) for secure transactions.

This latest product continues Handheld Group’s commitment to revolutionizing mobile fare collection. Starting with the M3 eTicket and Nautiz eTicket series, the company has developed increasingly feature-rich and powerful devices that retain Handheld’s rugged reliability.

“Major transit agencies around the world have deployed our devices,” says Johan Hed, Handheld director of product management. “They’ve seen quick return on investment, because using smart mobile devices streamlines what has traditionally been a slow, labor-intensive process. Clients have reported completing more tasks, fewer riders evading the ticket system, and increased fee revenues approaching 20 percent.”

Beyond its sophisticated RFID reader, the Algiz RT7 eTicket offers a wealth of other capabilities. Google GMS certification allows access to the Google Play Store and Google Maps. Its capacitive touchscreen has multi-touch capability, sunlight readability and chemically strengthened glass. The Algiz RT7 eTicket includes an 8-megapixel camera and multiple connectivity options. And it provides dual SIM card slots, an integrated GPS receiver and a dedicated 2-D barcode imager.

The Algiz RT7 eTicket combines power, ergonomics and ruggedness, with a Qualcomm quad-core processor and an easy-to-hold design weighing just 660 grams. An IP65 rating means it’s waterproof and fully protected against sand and dust. It also meets stringent MIL-STD-810G standards against extreme temperatures, drops and vibrations.

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