Worldline certified by Visa to run in-house Cloud-based payments solution

cloud_HCEWorldline has become the first player to be end-to-end Visa-certified to run in-house its Cloud-based Payments solution. This solution enables Issuers to provide their clients with Visa payWave on their Android mobile NFC phones with embedded HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology. These highly secured transactions will be accepted on all Visa enabled contactless terminals around the world. Thanks to this Visa certification, Worldline is differentiating itself from its competitors by a particularly high degree of security.

Cloud-based NFC payments are expanding and they are being adopted quickly and widely; most merchants are now offering contactless payment to their customers. Wolf Kunisch, Managing Director for Financial Processing & Software Licensing and for Germany & CEE, says: “Worldline has been a pioneer in this technology, launching several pilots across Europe in 2015. With this certification, Worldline is reaching industrial pace in powering issuers to offer mobile payments services to their customers. Meeting the Visa functional & security requirements, reinforces Worldline commitment in delivering innovative payments to its customers.”

Worldline’s solution is digitalizing payment credentials and provisioning them into Android mobile devices. It also manages secure authentication of user identity and secure storage of credentials into the Digital Wallet (using components of its own in-house developed and hosted solution named WL Trusted Authentication).

The main benefit for banks is the seamless integration of Worldline solution within their issuing systems and their existing mobile applications. For a faster deployment, Worldline also offers a white label stand-alone mobile application. Eventually, the service will be used in many other cases to make transactions easier and more secure, such as in-app payments, travel passes or loyalty programs.

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