FIME releases new eBook on certification best practices

FIME_WhitepaperNow eight months past the October 2015 fraud liability shift, many organizations have accelerated their EMV chip card acceptance programs, but this rapid acceleration is triggering a backlog in the EMV certification queue. As merchants see chargebacks mount due to lack of EMV-enablement, payments consultancy FIME has released a new eBook guide to help merchants, VARs, ISOs and ISVs achieve certification faster.

The eBook, “A Management Guide to Accelerating EMV Chip Card Acceptance,” outlines best practices to shorten implementation cycles and push EMV-enabled products to market more quickly. The eBook includes five recommended best practices for a faster certification process:

  1. Isolate sales functions from chip card payment processing by using a “semi-integrated” payment solution architecture for reduced complexity
  2. Consider plug-and-play chip card terminal applications to reduce development time and the qualification and certification overload
  3. Pre-test applications to minimize certification testing issues
  4. Use a brand-approved testing platform to help achieve certification
  5. Consult with an EMV certification specialist to ensure successful certification

“The EMV migration is an important step to allow the U.S. to adopt the common standard and integrate a modern, secure infrastructure to support future evolutions that are interoperable with the rest of the world,” said Xavier Giandominici, Vice President, Americas and Financial Services at FIME. “The guidance provided in this eBook will help merchants and their POS partners to ensure their terminals will be certified to accept chip payments, and will effectively reduce the time it takes to get to market and reduce the certification backlog.”

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