Connecthing’s IoT platform powers beacons at Bologna airport

BLQBologna Airport, ranked the 7th largest airport in Italy in passenger traffic, is launching a new digital infrastructure designed to improve access to information for their travelers and visitors – just in time for Summer. The BLQ Bologna application “One Touch” can now deliver more contextualized and personalized information to travelers based on their location within the airport.

The BLQ One Touch application runs on a network of 40 Bluetooth beacons powered by Connecthings’ Internet of Things platform. The network of beacons is configured to address travelers and visitors with real-time information, triggering app notifications with relevant messaging according to different airport zones (terminal entrance, check-in, duty free, boarding).

“Connecthings innovative solution allows us to create new ways of interactions between our BLQ One Touch application and the dozens of installed, connected beacons within the airport – hence improving our customers’ dedicated information services,” says Silvia Lombardi, IT & Innovation Manager de Bologna Airport. “By using mobile devices everybody’s using, we are now able to leverage synergies between different contactless technologies: Bluetooth beacons will boost application usage whereas NFC tags and QR codes will trigger application downloads.”

In addition to Bluetooth beacons, NFC tags and QR codes have also been installed at various locations in Bologna Airport to entice BLQ One Touch application downloads. Bologna Airport annually welcomes seven million passengers and is ranked 7th largest Italian airport. By partnering with Connecthings, the airport will now provide a dynamic, hyper-contextualized mobile service to the 19,000 travelers flowing daily through the airport.

“Airports are important public areas where information exists but can be hard to access while on the move. Connecthings is proud to be the solution of choice for Bologna Airport and to serve the Bologna Airport strategy to improve the quality of services for passengers thanks to innovation,” says Laetitia Gazel Anthoine, CEO & Founder of Connecthings.

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