Alcatel offers Pop 4 with Barclaycard bPay sticker already installed

bpay_popAlcatel has teamed up with Barclaycard on a promotion that will see twenty thousands units of the manufacturer’s new Pop 4 device sold with a Barclaycard bPay sticker on the back, meaning customers can also use the phone for contactless payments. The promotion is said to be the next step in Alcatel’s drive to get closer to the consumer.

Alcatel UK boss William Paterson said, ‘This is the first consumer proposition we’ve done in the UK and it shows how we’ve developed the brand. Now is the right time to be doing these things, we relaunched the brand with new products and our market share and position has grown. We’ve got 7.5% share in the UK and are number one in the UK for prepaid. We’ve got fantastic distribution across so many channels and now is the right time be speaking to the consumer more.’

The POP 4, which will be available from Carphone Warehouse during the first week of July, will come with a bPay sticker that will enable users to make contactless payments using the device at over 400,000 locations nationwide. The sticker, which normally costs £14.99, is attached to the back of the phone and links to a digital wallet where users can upload between £5 and £200 at a time from any UK registered Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card and then make secure contactless payments of £30 or under.

A dedicated app, downloadable from Google Play, enables users to view real-time balance updates and provide them with instant access to their transaction history. Also included is an automated top-up system that adds funds to their account when the balance falls below a pre-set level.

‘Launched in 2015, the bPay sticker is the ideal accompaniment to the Alcatel POP 4, instantly turning the phone into a contactless way to pay and giving users a simple, flexible, and secure way to make payments for everyday goods and services. It’s linked to any Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card, and is managed by the bPay app which can be installed on the phone itself, giving users full control of how much they spend and where,’ said Tami Hargreaves, commercial director, Digital Consumer Payments at Barclaycard.

The POP 4, which was unveiled at Mobile World congress in February, will cost £79.99 on prepay and be free on contracts costing £9.50 and above.

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