OSPT Alliance launches HCE Infographic

click to view in high resolution

click to view in high resolution

OSPT Alliance, the international association that provides an open standard for secure transit fare collection solutions, has published an infographic explaining how HCE can be used for public transport ticketing.

The infographic builds on the free to download white paper ‘HCE Synergies with Public Transport’ OSPT Alliance launched earlier this year and its highly successful webinar on HCE that took place in April 2016. It details the size of the market opportunity for HCE in public transport ticketing and explains its benefits, including how it is cost effective, leverages existing infrastructure and enables multi-applications. It also explains why HCE works so well with CIPURSE™, the open standard from OSPT Alliance, and lays out a range of options to suit different transport operator needs.

The infographic will interest public transport authorities who are considering introducing mobile ticketing and who want an alternative to proprietary solutions. It will also be of use to vendors serving the transport ticketing market.

OSPT Alliance continues to actively pursue the creation of new opportunities for public transport and beyond through leveraging HCE technologies. Its current work priorities are developing a CIPURSE token component specification necessary for enabling offline HCE, which includes a reference application and a top-down definition of a Single Journey Ticket use case for offline HCE.

OSPT Alliance’s work on HCE has already been greeted with considerable industry interest and its webinar on HCE was the most highly attended one it has ever run. The webinar recording is available to view on the OSPT Alliance website. It is continuing to innovate in this area, reinforcing the benefits that using open standards bring to the public transport sector and beyond.

OSPT Alliance’s open ticketing standard CIPURSE™ has been designed with security and ease of use in mind. It is continually evolving to meet market needs and can be implemented on a broad range of media ranging from single application tickets and cards to multi-application smart phones and hosted systems, including HCE.

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