QikServe Launches Integration Solution for Mobile Ordering and Payment

quikserveQikServe, the mobile order and payment specialist, has launched its QikServe 5, designed to facilitate easy integration of mobile ordering and payment technology in the hospitality sector. QikServe’s patented ‘Waiter in Your Pocket’ technology lets guests order and pay for their food and drinks directly from their smartphones.

QikServe has previously been available as a standalone app or a ‘white-label’ version that can be fully branded by the operator. With QikServe 5, the introduction of a software development kit (SDK) allows businesses to build QikServe’s mobile ordering and payment capabilities into their existing mobile applications.

For example, a hotel with an online booking app or a restaurant with an existing loyalty application may wish to introduce mobile room service capabilities or food and drinks ordering into the same application.

“We understand that many hospitality businesses will have already made some investment in mobile applications, so asking customers to use a separate app for ordering doesn’t make sense, and developing their own ordering capability is a complex and costly undertaking,” said Daniel Rodgers, Chief Operating Officer, QikServe. “QikServe 5 presents a quick and cost-effective solution that can be seamlessly built into their existing app and is already fully integrated with leading POS and back-end systems.”

QikServe 5 provides a simple yet powerful option for businesses looking to quickly introduce a web-based ordering system into their web site or implement a tablet-based ordering system. The QikServe web application brings all the ordering and payment capabilities of the mobile app to a simple HTML web interface that can be easily integrated into any web site.

“While web-based ordering is not our core business, we recognize that many operators may not yet be ready to make the shift to mobile ordering, so QikServe 5 allows them to take that first step,” said Rodgers. “All of QikServe’s functionality and back-end integrations are included, so it presents a quick and easy option for operators seeking ordering functionality for their web sites.”

QikServe 5 has an enhanced integration with Oracle Hospitality’s Gift and Loyalty system that allows operators to quickly and easily set up and configure loyalty programs from within the QikServe app itself. Today, this includes the ability to create app-based versions of stamp cards, loyalty points and stored value cards, with more features to be added over time.

“With this integration, we are leveraging the depth and power of Oracle Hospitality but presenting operators with a few simple options for getting up and running with loyalty programs,” said Rodgers. “They simply log in to their QikServe app, select the loyalty editor and set up whatever they want via our user-friendly interface – all of the back-end stuff in Oracle is handled by QikServe.”

QikServe 5 is available today and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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