Worldline and Alipay offer the German retail industry new market prospects

AlipayWorldline a European player in payment and transaction services, and Alipay, the world’s leading payment platform with more than 450 million active users, are to offer the German retail industry and its network providers new revenue opportunities. Starting this month (July), the partnership will allow Chinese tourists on trips in Germany to pay with their Alipay app at authorised retailers.

Under the partnership, Worldline will provide its gateway, which network providers can connect to via a standard interface with minimum effort, to further expand Alipay. This way, the existing system for electronic payment processing will automatically recognise Alipay transactions. In the future, nearly the entire German retail industry will be able to offer convenient payments with the Alipay app, which is based on the QR Code solution that is preferred by Chinese consumers.

“Alipay is a sophisticated payment solution and we support expanding it in Germany. We make shopping for Chinese tourists – and future transactions for all foreign tourists – easier and more comfortable,” said Wolf Kunisch, Managing Director for Financial Processing & Software Licensing & CEE at Worldline.

The current pilot phases will be completed in July of this year and after that it will go live. The next step will extend the service to other countries.

The number of Chinese tourists and businesspeople in Germany has risen in the last years and will continue to grow in the future. These tourists are especially attractive to German merchants because they represent large numbers and have strong purchasing power. In China, payments with the Alipay app are already very common and account for more than a 50 percent market share in the Chinese market for online payments and a 70 percent market share in mobile payments. Now Worldline and Alipay will offer Chinese tourists in Germany a payment method they’ve used at home.

Rita Liu, Head of Alipay EMEA, commented, “With Worldline as a partner, we can expand our market position in Europe. Based on these developments, each party gets great benefits. The customer can conveniently shop outside of China and pay comfortably with Alipay. The merchant, in addition to the Alipay payment solution, can benefit from the Alipay marketing solution ‘Global Lifestyle Platform’ to communicate offers and make recommendations to customers to increase revenue.”

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