oti SATURN 8700 contactless reader achieves FeliCa certification

oti SATURNOn Track Innovations Ltd. (oti), a global provider of near field communication (NFC) and cashless payment systems, has achieved FeliCa™ certification for its new NFC-based cashless payment reader, the SATURN 8700.

Operated by Sony Corporation, FeliCa is a secure contactless smart card system and the primary settlement infrastructure used in Japan to make electronic money card payments. With nearly six million vending machines nationwide, the Japanese market represents the second largest opportunity globally for cashless payment solutions. The Japanese vending market is transitioning to cashless payments in order to support the demand from the 20 million foreign travelers annually, as well as the upcoming Rugby World Cup in 2019 and Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

In June 2015, oti partnered with Billing System Corporation to develop and distribute FeliCa-certified NFC-based cashless payment systems to the Japanese unattended market. The SATURN 8700 reader marks the first certified product under the partnership, and the companies plan to start marketing and selling the reader to leading Japanese companies immediately.

Toshihiko Eda, CEO of Billing System, commented, “This is the first step in delivering oti’s industry-leading and field-proven solutions to the entire Japanese market. We believe that having FeliCa-certified products in the market will be very beneficial in enabling us to strengthen our product portfolio and increase our sales in the months and years ahead.”

The SATURN 8700 reader’s unique form factor makes it the world’s smallest FeliCa- and EMVCo-certified reader, while also supporting other NFC contactless payments, like Mifare and P2P. With complete contactless connectivity and multiple mounting options, the SATURN 8700 is designed for unattended retail environments with self-service payment stations, including ATMs, ticket vending machines, toll roads, gaming machines, kiosks, access control, and mass transit.

“Being EMVCo- and now FeliCa-certified makes the SATURN 8700 an ideal payment solution for the Japanese market,” said oti CEO Shlomi Cohen. “This unique product and certification demonstrates the strength of our R&D capabilities and partnership with Billing System, and marks another important step in our expansion into new growth markets. We plan to leverage our early-mover advantage to fulfill the emerging demand for cashless vending solutions in Japan. In step with this, we are pursuing FeliCa-certification for our full line of products and systems to take advantage of this nationwide shift toward cashless payments.”

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