Verifone launches Curb in five new U.S. cities

Curb 2Verifone is ‘unleashing the power of Curb’, the first and only national ride-hailing app for taxis, in New York, Philadelphia, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, San Jose, and the Washington D.C. area, making the traditional taxi industry more competitive than ever with private car services. Additionally, the number of taxis equipped with Curb has expanded in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Now live in 65 cities, Curb connects to more than 50,000 taxis, and is used by 100,000 professional taxi drivers. Among its many benefits, Curb offers quick and easy ride-hailing from any iOS or Android smartphone, automatic e-payment with digital receipts, and predictable metered fares with no surge pricing.

“Curb is the best option for passengers who want the convenience of e-hail, but also want the safety and predictable pricing of traditional licensed taxis,” said Amos Tamam, senior vice president, Global Taxi Systems for Verifone. “It’s also the first app with an advance booking feature for cabs, available today in most major markets, including New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.”

Using Curb to e-hail a cab is as simple as pressing Ride Now on the smartphone app and confirming a pickup location. There’s never any surge pricing; users pay just what’s on the meter, plus a nominal flat fee for hailing on the app. When the ride is over, payment is automatic. The app’s advance booking feature enables passengers to pre-book from 15 minutes to 24 hours in advance by simply pressing the Ride Later button.

“As we expand the number one taxi hailing app in the U.S., we are continuing to level the playing field for hundreds of thousands of properly licensed, professional taxi drivers across the country,” Tamam said.

Backed by the leading provider of taxi systems in the U.S., Curb is the only ride-hailing app for traditional taxis that is national in scope and is specifically engineered by the industry leader in taxi technology to integrate with the widest install base of in-taxi systems in the country.

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