Austria Card first to certify FIDO on EMV payment cards

fido_allianceby Austria Card.

Large-scale thefts of login data show just how insecure traditional passwords are. Just recently the hack-attack “Peace_of_mind” showed that even data from celebrities such as Mark Zuckerberg are not safe. To solve this problem Google, PayPal and other well-known companies have founded the FIDO®-Alliance.

With this newly developed technology, online-accounts such as Gmail or Facebook can be protected with a second factor authentication, meaning that after entering the password users must identify themselves with additional hardware (e.g. a USB stick).

Austria Card’s ACOS FIDO smart cards are now FIDO Certified. The cards have passed the FIDO interoperability testing, and Austria Card can now offer its clients FIDO Certified products, including contactless and dual interface-cards, as well as NFC-based key fobs, stickers, and bracelets. Austria Card is the first member of the Alliance that has achieved FIDO certification for EMV smart payment cards.

“For us, a smart card is the device that ensures FIDO technology can be used conveniently. First, everyone owns multiple cards. Second, people carry them in their pockets wherever they go. And of course there is a major benefit for the issuers: The visibility of their cards and thus their logo increases exponentially. For instance, every time a customer uses his credit card to log into his e-mail, social media, or other accounts, the bank’s logo is seen,” says Bernd Eder, Head of R&D at Austria Card, “For card issuers FIDO is a great way to add value for their end-customers.”

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