Ingenico Group, Datacap deliver secure pay-at-the-table solution to restaurants

OOgieIngenico Group and Datacap Systems, an integrated payments middleware provider, have installed their Pay-at-the-Table solution at Uncle Oogie’s, a New Jersey and Philadelphia-based chain of pizzerias. Using Ingenico Group’s smart terminals, Datacap’s point of sale partner, PDQ Signature Systems was able to streamline the Pay-at-the-Table implementation for Uncle Oogie’s.

“Being on the New Jersey Shore, competition is very fierce, so I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to create a better customer experience,” said Louie Cerone, owner of Uncle Oogie’s. “In addition to improving our customer experience, the Pay-at-the-Table solution provides a number of benefits for our business and employees, including increased efficiency and table turnover. With the Pay-at-the-Table solution, we’re also able to offer our customers curbside pickup, allowing them to receive their food and pay without needing to leave their car, which many of our customers take advantage of.”

Using Ingenico Group’s iCMP mobile smart terminals and Datacap’s NETePay™ EMV-enabled payments solution, Uncle Oogie’s is now able to manage tableside and curbside payments using a Quest tablet from Touch Dynamic. Benefits of the Pay-at-the-Table solution include:

  • Acceptance of all forms of electronic payment, including EMV chip card, magstripe and NFC/contactless, including
  • Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • Increased profitability as a result of higher table turnover
  • Reduced wait times and increased service by bringing the point of sale to the customer
  • Increased customer service by reducing wait times for payment, both tableside and curbside
  • Improved business efficiency by adding real-time tipping
  • Ability to future-proof businesses by enabling acceptance of chip & signature and chip & PIN

“Ingenico Group is dedicated to helping its customers adopt the latest payment technologies to streamline business processes while complying with the ongoing EMV liability shift,” said Greg Burch, VP of strategic initiatives at Ingenico Group. “By adopting our Pay-at-the-Table solution, Uncle Oogie’s has significantly improved its payment acceptance experience for customers, and set itself up to ensure EMV compliance across all of its locations well into the future.”

By leveraging NETePay, Datacap’s EMV-enabled payments solution for PC-based POS, all of Uncle Oogie’s payment transactions are encrypted via a multi-layered security approach. NETePay allows POS systems to process transactions through a variety of payment processors with a plug and play, semi-integrated solution. Combined with support for Ingenico Group’s EMV certified PIN Pad hardware, this comprehensive Pay-at-the-Table solution is the most secure option for businesses leveraging mPOS.

“Datacap prides itself on offering integrated payment interfaces for any type of point of sale application,” said Justin Zeigler, director of product strategy at Datacap Systems. “We are excited to work in conjunction with partners like PDQ Signature Systems and Ingenico Group to provide merchants in the hospitality industry, like Uncle Oogie’s, the ability to offer the most technologically advanced and secure payment solutions across their businesses.”

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