VendPro takes contactless payment via USA Technologies’ ePort® interactive platform

vendingUSA Technologies, Inc. the payment technology service provider of integrated cashless and mobile transactions in the self-service retail market, has added VendPro Refreshment Services to its growing list of customers transitioning to cashless payment technology on over 50 percent of their machines.

USAT is currently working to connect 1,800 of VendPro’s vending, coffee and micro-market machines to USAT’s next-generation, interactive content delivery and payments platform, ePort® Interactive, marking USAT’s largest order to date since the acquisition of VendScreen earlier this year. VendPro will now have access to USAT’s most advanced cloud-based interactive media and content delivery management system, enabling the delivery of nutritional information, issuance of remote refunds, and initiation of multimedia-marketing campaigns, among other consumer engaging features. The deployment will allow VendPro to track the acceptance of cash, credit or debit cards, and mobile payments using Android Pay and Apple Pay.

A trusted name in vending machines and breakroom refreshments services, VendPro’s reputation for customer service has fueled the company’s growth, operating 25 full-service vending routes, servicing more than 3,000 vending, coffee and micro-market machines.

“With a reputation for quality and outstanding customer service, we are always doing our best to listen to the needs of the customers we serve,” said Ken Jenkins, VendPro Refreshment Services. “Even though we’ve had success with cash-only payments for a long time, it’s hard to ignore the retail industry’s momentum toward cashless and mobile payments, particularly when our customers are asking for it. We are thrilled to be working with USA Technologies to not only implement contactless payment options on our machines, but to also have the ability to provide consumers with nutritional information, coupons and access to additional engagement opportunities. The added layer of the Go Cashless program will give us the support we need through the deployment with marketing services and training for our team. We have every confidence that this investment is going to pay for itself in no time.”

VendPro has also signed up for USAT’s Go Cashless program, an educational, point-of-sale marketing program designed to help operators effectively roll out cashless transaction technology and accelerate consumer adoption.

“Supporting a large-scale deployment with exceptional operators like VendPro is inspiring,” said Jim Turner, vice president of Deployment Services, USA Technologies. “The company puts the needs of its customers first, and by making the transition to cashless, it’s moving the business towards the future. As more and more of the leading regional operators like VendPro get on board, we believe it’s only a matter of time before others in the industry realize they will need to transition to cashless payments in order to compete.”

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