CardFlight launches bluetooth mPOS Solutions for EMV & NFC contactless payment acceptance

cardflightCardFlight, a mobile point of sale (POS) technology provider, is launching the Bold B550 and Bold B500, a new family of mobile card readers that communicate with iOS and Android devices by Bluetooth technology. The launch follows Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 7 (the first phone sans audio jack). CardFlight clients who want to use new smartphone and tablet devices can accept payments using the latest mobile payment technologies, including EMV chip cards, contactless NFC payments and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, with the new readers that connect via Bluetooth, instead of an audio jack.

Resellers of SwipeSimple will now be able to offer their merchants the Bold B500 and Bold B550 devices, which are EMV certified with First Data and ready to use. The Bold B500 is particularly valuable for smaller merchants who want to accept EMV payments or prefer to connect to a card reader via Bluetooth rather than the audio jack connectivity used in CardFlight’s other readers. The Bold B550 offers NFC contactless payments acceptance, in addition to EMV chip card and magnetic stripe support. SwipeSimple is CardFlight’s product that enables merchant service providers, banks, independent sales organizations and other financial institutions to offer a great EMV-enabled mobile point-of-sale solution to their merchants.

Additionally, the Bold B500 and Bold B550 will be available through CardFlight SDK, a software development kit product, which enables mobile app developers to incorporate card present payments into their own applications. The semi-integrated solution allows developers to integrate in a matter of days, without having to perform their own EMV certifications with processors and payment networks, a solution used by Peloton and Indochino among many other innovative companies.

“Our partners look to CardFlight to provide the best mobile payment acceptance technology for today and for the future,” said Derek Webster, Founder and CEO of CardFlight. “Today’s announcement reinforces our commitment to supporting new payment technologies and providing the best platform for mobile merchants of all types.”

CardFlight announced in their recent EMV Migration Tracker that 64% of CardFlight merchants are now EMV-enabled and over 70% of cards presented to CardFlight merchants contained EMV chips. CardFlight was one of first mobile payments providers to deploy EMV solutions in the United States, receiving their first approvals prior to the October 1, 2015 Liability Shift. The company has since then been certified with First Data, Global Payments, Stripe, TSYS and is continuing to grow their certification portfolio. EMV chip card certifications has been an industry hot topic as many point-of-sale providers have failed to get their certifications in time and turn on their chip card readers, which has resulted in a high number of disappointed merchants with growing liability pains and chargebacks.

CardFlight is now accepting orders for Bold B500 and Bold B550. The devices are available to ship later this month and will be fully enabled for EMV chip card and NFC contactless payments from day one, certified with First Data. Additional processor certifications are expected in the coming months. CardFlight will continue to support audio jack devices with a wide range of readers and different form factors, including its popular Eclipse A200 reader, to support the broadest range of merchant needs possible.

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