SuperCom launches mobile wallet with VeriFone and Nofshonit in Israel

mobile commerceSuperCom, a provider of secure solutions for the e-Government, Public Safety, HealthCare, and Finance sectors announced today that Nofshonit, one of the largest loyalty club providers and operators in Israel, has selected SuperCom to provide an e-wallet solution to Nofshonit clients for digital loyalty and pre-paid shopping programs, to be supported at merchant locations over various devices and applications.

Nofshonit, through its operating partner Knowledge4all, has more than one million active clients. SuperCom’s secure mobile wallet application, SuperWallet, will be used by existing and selected loyalty club clients throughout Israel and allow for mobile payments at point-of-sales instead of using the pre-chargeable magnetic card method which was previously mainly utilized in these loyalty programs. The solution will provide a range of services such as topping-up funds, paying for goods at the shops and viewing recent activities and inquiries.

“This agreement can significantly broaden the market penetration for SuperCom’s unique and innovative e-wallet and mobile payments solutions,” commented Arie Trabelsi, SuperCom’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited to deliver a comprehensive, scalable, and customized solution to Nofshonit and its growing customer base, providing Nofshonit clients with an efficient, convenient and secure shopping experience, while driving incremental business to member merchants throughout Israel.”

The roll out has already begun introducing the solution to various Knowledge4all client groups, among them the Israeli workers union, the Israeli department of security, and the employees of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. The roll-out will continue over the next months.

The Tri-Party solution providers Knowledge4all, VeriFone and SuperCom will generate revenue via a revenue sharing model as Nofshonit clients utilize the service.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us. We’ve worked together with SuperCom and VeriFone in order to deliver an alternative method to the traditional plastic card, one which utilizes the advances of the smartphone to offer much added value for our clients around the country,” commented Haim Katz, Deputy GM at Knowledge4All. “While developing the customized system together we placed a strong emphasis not only on convenience and usability but also on strict information security standards and maintaining user privacy, implementing PCI DSS security standards, TCL 1.3 and a security layer between the end user device and the server system.”

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