NXP, Xiaomi bring secure Tap-to-Pay mobile transit and contactless payment to China

china-mobile-ticketingNXP Semiconductors and Xiaomi Inc. are now deploying technologies to implement secure mobile transit experiences countrywide across China’s popular metro stations and public bus lines. And with Xiaomi’s recent launch of Mi Pay, featuring NXP’s embedded secure element (eSE) technology, consumers now have a high level of security for transactions from both bank and transportation accounts. Users can add their China UnionPay and public transportation cards to the Mi Wallet app in Xiaomi mobile MIUI system, eliminating the need to bring their wallets.

With Xiaomi introducing a mobile phone equipped with NXP’s Near Field Communications (NFC) and eSE earlier this year, the two companies collaborated to deliver secure, convenient mobile transit experiences in China’s cities. Since initial launch of the mobile transit services in Shanghai and Shenzhen in June, activation rates achieved double digit growth among commuters. And earlier this month, the two companies successfully extended the adoption of the Mi Pay app in both banking and public transportation cards for the launches of mobile transit services in Beijing, Guangdong Province, Wuhan and Suzhou.

“As mobile payment gradually becomes a natural part of people’s lives in China and the rest of the world, Xiaomi and NXP have cooperated in the promotion of innovative mobile payment in China since 2012,” said Hong Feng, Co-founder and Head of MIUI Division at Xiaomi. “Today, Xiaomi has over 200 million users around the world, a majority of these users are young tech savvy people who are the backbone of China’s thriving mobile internet market. We believe that NXP’s NFC technology and eSE solution coupled with Xiaomi’s hardware and smooth MIUI system can provide consumers with truly secure and convenient mobile payment experience.”

“The 15 percent in Shanghai and 20 percent in Shenzhen activation growths validates commuters’ preference to adopt secure mobile transit experiences. We’re excited to see how this payment experience will roll out in more cities in China,” said Rafael Sotomayor, senior vice president and general manager for the mobile business line at NXP. “To reach our goal in delivering the convenience of mobile transit in China’s cities, NXP doesn’t act as a pure hardware supplier but is driving an ecosystem convergence towards mobile transit.”

NXP’s NFC and eSE solutions combined with expertise and a comprehensive ecosystem for mobile-transit transactions, offer what’s needed to realize the benefits of mobile transit. The advanced technology increases engagement for those who value their mobile lifestyles, supports environmentally-friendly city concepts and benefits those who build and run transport services.

Today, the solution is used to enable Mi Pay and are available in China on Xiaomi’s Mi 5 smartphones. Mi Pay relies on a built-in NXP NFC chip with a separate secure element chip that has been proven to withstand a variety of invasive, semi-invasive and non-invasive attacks to provide the highest level of data protection and encryption to end users, payment issuers and smartphone manufacturers.

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