UL cloud-based payments test suite qualified by Discover Global Network

Mobile_payment_phoneWith more and more NFC-enabled mobile devices being used to perform contactless payments the UL Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suites makes a lot of sense for testing payment applications implemented as a mobile device application against payment scheme specifications. The test suites help in pre-certification and, says the company, ‘ultimately lead to quicker certification by test laboratories or by payment schemes’.

The UL Discover Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suite is based on the Discover Cloud Payment Mobile Application Specification. The test suite has all test cases implemented as defined by Discover. Mobile application developers and card issuers can use the UL Discover Cloud-based Functional Test Suite on their Discover mobile payment products. By using this test suite for pre-certification, companies can check whether their mobile application conforms to all requirements in the Discover test specification, eliminating problems during approval by Discover.

“With the UL Discover Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suite, UL continues to improve and expand the UL test tool portfolio by developing high quality test tools for the payment and mobile markets. UL is proud to be the first that can offer an officially confirmed test tool for Discover cloud-based payment applications. The test suite provides a detailed yet easily understandable analysis of all APDU-level communication, clearly indicating any issues found. All features aim to support our customers to ensure quality of their Discover cloud-based payment products,” said Maxim Dyachenko, Director Products at UL’s Transaction Security division.

UL Cloud-based Payment Functional Test Suites are thorough and complete set of test suites for mobile payment application developers, card issuers, test labs and anyone that wants to test payment card implementations based on HCE and cloud-based specifications from the major payment schemes.

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