Keyssa and Fresco Logic partner on contactless alternative to USB Type-C connectivity

keyssa_frescoKeyssa, a company working in high-speed, contactless connectivity, and Fresco Logic, a leading developer of high-speed connectivity ICs and solutions, today announced the availability of the industry’s first contactless alternative to USB Type-C connectivity for mobile and laptop devices.

The new contactless solution delivers the major benefits of mechanical USB Type-C connectors, such as multi-protocol support for high-speed data transmission, streaming of high-resolution video files, and the ability to manage fast charge protocols including USB power delivery to and from devices, from default 3A 5V, up to 5A 20V for 100W, all without a mechanical connector. Additionally, the contactless connector supports multiple low-speed protocols, including I2C and GPIO, which are not currently supported by mechanical Type C connectors.

“Market adoption of the Type-C connector continues to increase as device manufacturers are drawn to its small form factor, multi-protocol support and power management capabilities,” said Eric Almgren, CEO of Keyssa. “But the majority of current implementations, especially in mobile devices, only use Type-C for power delivery and lower speed data transfer. Together with Fresco Logic, we’re able to provide these same capabilities, and more, without the need for a physical connection. One of the challenges of mechanical connectors has been the difficulty in managing the RFI/EMI emitted by the connectors and cables at high speeds, which can interfere with Wi-Fi signals. Our solution has the ability to transmit data at very high speeds, like USB SuperSpeed and FullSpeed, without interference issues, making it extremely effective for transferring large files between mobile devices.”

“Fresco has a proven track record of delivering the industry’s first and best products in many key interconnect technology segments,” said Jingfan Zhang, CEO of Fresco Logic. “We have developed a complete silicon portfolio for Type-C and power delivery applications. With the joint introduction with Keyssa of this contactless alternative Type-C solution, I believe we have reached another major achievement in how devices will connect. We’ve experienced the strong market growth of Type-C connectivity first hand and expect this contactless solution to be a very attractive option for device manufacturers. We expect this to be available to our customers at the end of the fourth quarter.”

The new contactless USB Type-C alternative includes Keyssa’s Kiss Connectors – tiny, low-power, solid-state connectors that can be embedded inside a product, and can securely move huge files between devices – and Fresco Logic’s F-One technology, a family of highly-integrated aggregation controllers that can be used to flexibly aggregate a variety of protocols into a single, F-One serial channel.

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