Live Beacon want to create the ‘World’s Simplest iBeacon’

livebeaconLondon based startup, Live Beacon, say they have solved the problem tech companies all over the world have been wrestling with – how to create an iBeacon solution that ‘just works’. The company want us to imagine a device that you simply take out of the box, position, then update using the simple cloud portal and within minutes you’re transmitting information. No more messing around with over complicated configuration and programming. As Apple would say – “It just works!”.

iBeacon is an Apple technology that helps developers build location-based hardware (beacons) and software. Beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy to transmit data to smartphones when they’re nearby. Live Beacon connects the physical world with the digital world by sending relevant content to people’s smartphones where and when it matters.

London’s Southbank Centre, the largest arts centre in Europe, was the first venue in the UK to become a Live Beacon enabled zone. The 21-acre site has dozens of beacons transmitting content to its many thousands of visitors every week, giving them valuable information about where they are and what’s happening around them. Since launching with Southbank Centre Live Beacon has partnered with Cancer Research UK on a ‘star studded’ fund raising event, and is planning deployments with a number of other partners including major London museums and galleries, restaurants chains, retailers, hotels and many other businesses who wish to connect with the personal mobile world of their customers.

Live Beacon is now on KICKSTARTER. James Grant, founder and CTO of Live Beacon commented, “We’re proud and excited to be bringing Live Beacon to Kickstarter. We passionately believe in making technology that’s easy to use and accessible to everyone, whether they’re a multinational organization or a hobbyist in their bedroom!” The Kickstarter campaign went live on Thursday the 6th October and will lasts for 32 days.

If would like to support the ‘World’s Simplest iBeacon’ – just follow this link to KICKSTARTER

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