Contactless payment launched on Stagecoach buses

stagecoachStagecoach has announced plans to introduce a cashless option on all its services by next January. The transportation company, Britain’s biggest bus operator, is set to introduce contactless payment technology across its entire network by the end of 2018. Passengers in Ashford, Kent, and Tyne and Wear will be able to pay for journeys using contactless cards by the end of the year, with Greater Manchester following in January.

It was launched in Oxford this week with contactless technology live on all of Stagecoach’s 180 buses in Oxfordshire, covering Oxford City services, commuter routes into Oxford and the Oxford Tube express services which run to and from London. The £12m project will see nearly one in four buses outside of London ready to accept contactless payments as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay. It’s the first major deployment of the technology on Britain’s buses outside of London, with Stagecoach insisting there would be no additional charge to customers.

The company also say that rural and island communities such as Norfolk in England, Orkney in Scotland and Brecon in Wales, will all have access to contactless payment in the next two years. By the end of 2018, the technology will be live on all of Stagecoach’s 7,200 buses in England, Scotland and Wales. Transport minister Andrew Jones commented that the move would “help hundreds of thousands of passengers. People will be able to buy tickets online and on smartphones, making bus travel more convenient, cutting queues and speeding up journeys.”

Over 4,000 ticket machines have already been ordered, with a further 3,200 scheduled to be delivered by 2017-18. By the end of 2018, contactless technology will be live on all 7,200 of our buses in England, Scotland and Wales – equivalent to nearly one in four buses outside London.

Robert Montgomery, managing director of Stagecoach UK Bus, said, “Bus travel is experiencing a complete transformation. Major investment by Stagecoach in new digital technology is making it easier than ever to catch the bus. From contactless technology and new apps, to greener vehicles with the latest environmental performance, buses are the simpler, smarter and greener mobility solution.”

Stagecoach is working with four other major bus operators in the UK on a scheme that could see EMV contactless travel in place on every bus in Britain by 2022.

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One Comment on “Contactless payment launched on Stagecoach buses”

  1. Robert freeman
    November 30, 2016 at 3:45 pm #

    Love it but will i get a ticket on my smartphone also

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