KEOLABS introduces Quest line of testing platforms

keolabs_questKEOLABS, a leading supplier of testing tools for smartcard and NFC technologies, announced their next generation Quest line of testing tools. KEOLABS’ Quest line of tools revolutionizes testing with a redesigned hardware architecture and the innovative Quest software environment which deliver the performance required for full device characterization with unprecedented ease-of-use.

“With Quest, we gave our teams free reign on the redesign of our platform architecture to deliver the performance required to fully test current and future technologies for secure objects,” stated Michael Leplatois, KEOLABS’ President. “Quest marks a true revolution in our technology in terms of performance, repeatability of results and ease-of-use.”

Compared to previous generations, KEOLABS’ Quest line of platforms offers dramatic improvements in signal generation and acquisition while reducing EMD noise. These evolutions translate to improved precision and an increased scope in testing capabilities thus allowing tools to meet all the testing requirements for both current and future 13.56 MHz contactless and contact technologies used in secure objects.

The Quest line also delivers unprecedented ease-of-use with its Quest software environment for device prototyping and characterization. Quest software includes a range of essential tests as preconfigured scenarios. These scenarios enable single-click access to advanced analog, electrical and digital performance tests. Quickly and with little experience, users can explore and characterize the performance of their prototype devices. Quest is a free software that also allows users to easily share testing results throughout their organizations via a Workbook file that includes everything users need to understand the performance scenario, the context and the results.

The Quest line of tools will include ProxiLAB Quest, ContactLAB Quest and ProxiSPY Quest. The first platform is scheduled for commercial availability in December 2016. For more information, users can see demonstrations at Trustech 2016 in Cannes, 29 November to 1 December 2016.

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