MagTek, Payment Alliance International offer secure and convenient mobile payment MagTek’s QwickCodes

quikcodesPayment Alliance International (PAI), the US’s largest, privately-held provider of ATM processing and maintenance services, ATM equipment sales and support, have announced the support for MagTek’s QwickCodes® for cardless transactions. QwickCodes will be deployed across PAI’s nationwide network of over 74,000 ATMs.

QwickCodes provides a proven way to pay for goods and services at stores and online, or to access cash from ATMs, without compromising sensitive payment information or consumer identity. PAI’s integration of QwickCodes into its nationwide ATM network signifies a major leap forward in the quest to offer consumers a solution they can use without actually carrying a payment card.

“QwickCodes is a tokenization solution that delivers advanced security, eliminating the card’s static primary account number and other sensitive card data from entering the ATM, and replaces the card present data with a dynamic token that can only be used one time,” says Mimi Hart, MagTek’s President and CEO. “QwickCodes are easily created, shared and used at the ATM and offer consumers more choices to help them experience an easy and reliable payment experience while keeping their actual card data away from hackers.”

QwickCodes Mobile Wallet runs on a PC or Apple iOS device together with a MagneSafe card reader. All consumers need to do to generate a unique QwickCodes is swipe any traditional payment card they already carry and a one-time, disposable account number and PIN are generated. Consumers use their QwickCodes and PIN at supported ATMs to withdraw cash, eliminating the need to physically carry a payment card while reducing exposure from skimming and related fraud. QwickCodes accesses cardholder data during transaction processing and is processed normally through the debit and credit networks.

“All of us are searching for new and better ways to improve the customer experience, while enhancing the protection of critical data,” states John J. Leehy, III, president and chief executive officer of PAI. “The MagTek team has brought us an exciting new offering that we think the market will love.”

MagTek will be featuring QwickCodes and QwickPAY at the upcoming PAI Market Partner Conference, November 10-12 2016, at Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida. PAI will be showcasing QwickCode enabled ATM demonstrations that will highlight the security available for protecting sensitive cardholder information, along with a simple, straightforward consumer experience.

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