Vesca first in Japan with Verifone offering enhanced payment services and solutions

verifone-japanVerifone has partnered with Vesca, a leader in providing payment and marketing solutions as a service in Japan, to offer enhanced and secure payment services and solutions to merchants in the country. The partnership will bring together the technology portfolio and geographic strengths of the two companies, to enable financial institutions, retailers and various industry verticals to benefit from innovative payment solutions.

While a cash-based economy in which cards and other forms of payment amount to comparatively little volume, the local EMV liability shift deadline and the Olympic Games Tokyo coincide in 2020 giving Japanese merchants the opportunity to install the capability to accept multiple payment forms. To bring enhanced world payment standards to Japan, Vesca will offer the Verifone Engage V200c countertop and P400 PIN pad to provide increased speed and security, and an interactive user interface. These devices meet Japan’s EMV requirements and enable merchants to personalize the customer shopping experience with targeted offers and loyalty programs for additional revenue streams at the point of sale (POS).

“What matters most to Japanese merchants today is business growth and consumer loyalty,” said Thad Peterson, senior analyst at Aite Group. “Nations around the world are progressing towards becoming cashless economies, and it has become imperative for them to adopt the latest in technology that can best support this change and help businesses become more efficient. As Japan prepares for some major changes in the near years, Verifone, with its engaging payment solutions and value-added applications, is well suited to meet the needs of businesses across sectors and the country at large.”

“This partnership will bring end-to-end advanced payment services and solutions for Japanese merchants as well as in-depth market expertise,” said Mr. Makoto Yoshida, chief executive officer of Vesca. “Furthermore, we plan to create unique segment-specific features by collaborating with our extended ecosystem of clients and partners.”

Vesca will introduce the new Verifone solution which will include end-to-end payment services such as estate management, payment gateway and merchant consoles. With commerce-enabled devices from the Verifone Engage family, merchants in Japan will have the flexibility to accept Sony FeliCa™, the local contactless smartcard payment option, and a wide range of internationally accepted payment methods including card, payment apps and wallets.

“With Vesca as our strategic partner, we are offering Japanese merchants, particularly in dominant sectors such as retail, food and hospitality, access to the best technology solutions and services available,” said Steve Aliferis, president of Verifone Asia Pacific. “We are aligned on the goal to continue to spur the growth of new payment and commerce solutions that will enhance opportunities for merchants and experiences for consumers as Japan incorporates more cashless options.”

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