Amazon Go will take mobile payments to a whole other level

On Monday, a video came out showing Amazon’s new self-checkout technology that — if it works as advertised — could totally transform the retail sector and the market for Internet of Things. Called “Amazon Go,” the technology allows people to walk into a store, select items they want to purchase, and walk out. There’s no checkout process at all.

Amazon is opening an 1,800-square-foot convenience store in Seattle to test out the technology. It’s being beta tested now, and Amazon says it will be open to the general public early next year. If it’s successful, we can assume the technology will find its way into other retailers.

With this video, Amazon could start the drive of RFID technology into the mainstream and help Amazon pull further ahead of Google. Nothing my come of it, after all supermarket retailers will have to invest heavily into this new technology, and the headaches that comes from being on the ‘bleeding edge’, but the ones that do it successfully will have a significant competitive advantage in the long run.

The video creates expectations among consumers that they should be able to avoid check-out lines and will make the supermarket chains sit up and take notice in regards to the use of RFID tags to create such stores before their competitors do. However the struggles come out for grocery stores, RFID wins if it moves from its use in the industrial Internet of Things to the consumer in the real world.

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