NXP powers MikroElektronika NFC click module for Hexiwear for plug-n-play in smart homes

hexiwearNXP Semiconductors N.V. has introduced the easiest way to add Near Field Communications (NFC) technology to Hexiwear wearable devices with the new MikroElektronika NFC click, powered by NXP. The new module is a mikroBUS™ add-on board with a versatile NFC PN7120 IC controller from NXP that makes it easy to incorporate NFC, removing barriers to adoption.

NFC click supports use cases such as pairing, personalization, extended user interface, maintenance, logical access control and other typical NFC for home appliances, wearables, accessories and other low-power devices in smart homes and Internet of Things (IoT).

“The new plug-and-play NFC click board™ powered by NXP enables the full range of NFC application for Hexiwear devices. It provides most streamlined and easy way to take advantage of NFC infrastructure already in place,” said Dr. Djordje Marinkovic, business development director, MikroElektronika.

The NFC click Module for Hexiwear removes the complexity of NFC integration by enabling developers to easily leverage the full potential of NFC in Card Emulation, Read/Write and Peer-to-Peer Modes with NXP’s PN7120 chip, which is ideal for designing prototypes intended to interact with existing NFC infrastructure or prototype new ideas. All necessary NFC drivers are included in the Hexiwear SDK.

NFC click is also compatible with other development platforms, including NXP’s Freedom development boards, which are small, low-power, cost-effective evaluation and development platforms for quick application prototyping and demonstration of Kinetis MCU families.

“NXP believes in the market potential that our developer partners will bring with their innovative mindset and the new NFC click module is aimed at providing the tools necessary to quickly bring their ideas for smart NFC interactions to life,” said Paul Hubmer, General Manager PL NFC Infrastructure & Consumer with NXP. “Our range of NFC controllers with integrated firmware supports numerous use cases and is an integral part of our core strategy to enable NFC technology on popular rapid prototyping platforms.”

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