IPS Group working with Honda and Visa on mobile payment parking solution

parkingSmart Parking leader, IPS Group (IPS), has announced it is collaborating with Honda and Visa to integrate its Smart Parking technology with an end-to-end in-vehicle mobile payment parking solution. Live demonstrations of the first proof-of-concept took place at this years CES conference and ‘showcased the simplicity and convenience available to consumers to pay for public parking from the comfort and safety of their vehicles.’

The connected car eliminates the need for drivers to scramble for change or even exit the vehicle to pay for parking at a meter. The process begins when the driver is notified of available parking via the IPS mobile app that is fully integrated with the vehicle’s dashboard. The driver then selects the time increment needed and pays for parking using the application and secure Visa payment technology, and the meter displays the time purchased. Drivers will also be able to add additional time to the meter using their mobile phone.

“Payments have evolved from physical plastic cards to a digital, mobile wallet and Honda sees this as an opportunity to bring this technology into the car to pay for services from the comfort of one’s own car,” said John Moon, Developer Relations Lead at Honda Developer Studio. “Together with Visa’s payment technology expertise and new partners like IPS Group, Inc. who are experts in their fields we can create a whole new in-vehicle experience for our customers focused on simplicity and convenience.”

With a mission to support Smarter Parking for Smart Cities™, IPS Group is best known as the developer of the patented IPS credit card-enabled, solar-powered Smart Parking meters seen on public streets in hundreds of cities throughout North America and Europe. IPS is a leading provider of intelligent Smart Parking solutions for on-and off-street parking for municipalities and has sold more than 225,000 wireless devices worldwide.

“IPS strives to innovate in ways that will reshape the role of parking and consumer interaction within urban environments,” said David King, CEO, IPS Group. “Partnering to develop an in-vehicle mobile payment platform will redefine convenience and consumer engagement, and is one of the many exciting benefits that our ‘Smart Cities’ initiative will deliver to the public. We are proud to unveil this new technology at CES 2017 with Honda and Visa.”

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