Simulity joins SIMalliance as Strategic Partner

SIMallianceSIMalliance, the non-profit industry association which simplifies aspects of hardware-based device security, has announced Simulity Labs Ltd (Simulity) as its latest Strategic Partner. With headquarters in Bangor, Simulity specialises in embedded communications software and related server-based applications, connecting millions of devices globally.  Its mature range of SIM and over-the-air (OTA) application provisioning platforms service a worldwide customer base of 60 mobile network operators.

Strategic Partners support the output of specific SIMalliance Working Groups that are relevant to their field of experience, and they are able to access and utilise relevant documentation. They also benefit from co-marketing arrangements. Simulity will participate in SIMalliance’s eUICC Working Group.

“Simulity recognises the key role that SIMalliance plays in promoting interoperability and stability across the entire mobile industry,” commented Stephane Fund, CEO at Simulity. “With the eUICC ecosystem continuing to expand and mature, we look forward to proactively contributing to the acceleration of secure mobile services globally, through our partnership with SIMalliance.”

Remy Cricco, Member of the SIMalliance Board, added, “Collaboration is foundational for SIMalliance and insight from a range of key industry stakeholders is imperative to the creation and evolution of an interoperable secure mobile services ecosystem. We therefore warmly welcome the addition of Simulity’s expertise and knowledge to the association.”

SIMalliance members represent approximately 90% of the global SIM market. Members include Card Centric, Eastcompeace, Gemalto, Giesecke & Devrient, Incard, Kona I, Safran Identity & Security, Oasis Smart SIM, Oberthur Technologies, VALID, Watchdata, Wuhan Tianyu and XH Smartcard (Zhuhai) Co. Ltd. SIMalliance Strategic Partners are Comprion, Linxens, Movenda and Simulity.

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