Int. Forecourt Standard Forum and Smart Payment Association announce cooperation

partnersThe International Forecourt Standard Forum (IFSF) and the Smart Payment Association (SPA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation.

SPA, the trade body of the smart payment technology providers, becomes a Partner Organisation of IFSF, the technical body of international oil companies and petroleum retailers and their suppliers dedicated to the harmonization of interconnectivity and communication standards utilized by the Petroleum Retail sector. The two organizations have initiated this new cooperation agreement in a bid to assure streamlined standards that will support the fast evolving payment and digitalization ecosystems employed by its members.

Alongside responding to escalating consumer demands for easy, secure, ‘frictionless’ payment options, petroleum retailers are also pursuing pioneering customer loyalty, fleet and fuel card options, as well as exciting mobile and IoT payment and value applications.

Together, the SPA and IFSF will collaborate to assure a secure, seamless customer experience that extends from the pump to the forecourt store.

“This new agreement opens the door to an era of greater cooperation to ensure petrol retailers can respond to fast-paced digitalization and payment ecosystems changes impacting the PoS,” said Andreas Strobel, President, SPA.

Ian Brown, President IFSF says, “We welcome SPA’s interest in the work that IFSF has done to make payment processing more straight-forward for retailers while ensuring the security of the transaction. We look forward to benefiting from their expertise in this area to further enhance our standards and the guidance we provide for implementation as the market continues to evolve and security requirements become ever more challenging.”

SPA will be involved in generating standards to further simplify the fuelling and convenience store experience for consumers, enabling optimized tap and go and faster payment systems as well as enabling innovative new ways to pay that include mobile wallet options as well as wearables and tags.

“Together we will work towards initiating authentication, authorization and transfer mechanisms that make it possible to unleash exciting new initiatives that extend beyond simply enabling a unified payment infrastructure for 24/7 pumps and forecourt shops” added Andreas Strobel.

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