Safran Identity & Security takes GSMA security accreditation for eSIM Subscription Management services

gsmaSafran Identity & Security has successfully achieved the GSMA Security Accreditation Scheme certification (SAS-SM) for eSIM Subscription Management services at its French datacenter, becoming one of the first vendors worldwide to obtain this status.

Safran says that ‘this accreditation is a key milestone in the deployment of Safran’s MorphoFlex Remote SIM Provisioning solution for the Internet of Things (IoT) market and confirms its compliance at the highest levels of security required by the industry.’

MorphoFlex™ enables the remote lifecycle management of embedded SIMs (eSIM) in a standardized and interoperable way, allowing connected devices to remain generic throughout the supply chain until they reach their end-market or end-user. From the creation of telecom subscriptions to their download, activation, deactivation and deletion, MorphoFlex™ ensures end-to-end protection of mobile operators’ assets and credentials.

Safran Identity & Security’s German manufacturing plant has already achieved GSMA Security Accreditation Scheme certification (SAS-UP) for eSIM production, demonstrating the capacity to manage integrity and confidentiality of mobile operators’ data according to the highest security standards set by GSMA.

‘This certification demonstrates our clear commitment to security and interoperability. The commercial launch of MorphoFlexTM facilitates the deployment of a new generation of connected devices and addresses the need for seamless and flexible connectivity management in every IoT vertical market. The teams working on eSIM and Remote SIM Provisioning are doing an amazing job and prove every day Safran Identity & Security’s willingness to exceed our customers’ expectations,’ said Yves Portalier, VP and General Manager of the Telecom Business Unit at Safran Identity & Security.

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