Creditcall powers contactless rollout on Reading buses

reading-busesCreditcall, the omni-channel Payment Gateway and EMV Kernel provider, together with its partners Ticketer, Gemini 2000, and AIB Merchant Services, today announced to have provided its payments services to enable EMV contactless card acceptance as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay on around 180 buses in Reading and surrounding area. This will form the UK’s first town-wide contactless bus network outside of London which means all residents in the borough will be served by a bus accepting bank cards.

Recent figures from The UK Cards Association show that 25 percent of all card transactions are now contactless payments. Consumers don’t just wave-and-pay when they buy a coffee or newspaper, they use their contactless cards when shopping for groceries, on the high street, and, increasingly during their commute. Stressing the growing importance of contactless cards and the efforts being made by the UK passenger transport industry, Melanie Johnson, Chair of The UK Cards Association, said: “Following the great success of contactless ticketing in London, the cards industry has worked with transport operators to explore its introduction across the UK.”

“Once again we are delighted to bring a number of firsts to Reading. We have been working hard and investing in upgraded ticketing systems, with our supplier Ticketer and payment services provider Creditcall, to get contactless launched across our entire Reading town network – something that we believe we are the first to do outside of London” said Martijn Gilbert, CEO at Reading Buses.

The new contactless payment option for bus travel, operated by Reading Buses, will be available on around 180 buses in and around the Berkshire town. The payment service is provided by Creditcall, using ChipDNA Direct to connect Ticketer’s contactless transport ticketing solution and the Gemini 2000’s contactless smart card reader Orbit SAM, with AIB Merchant Services for payment processing. Bus drivers will be able to accept contactless bank cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, ENCTS concessionary passes and other ITSO smartcards making the solution ideal for transport operators.

“By waving a contactless card, smartphone or wearable to purchase a bus ticket, simplifies and speeds up the boarding process and services for passengers while making the journey for bus drivers more secure” said Liz Gibson, Head of Payment Services at Creditcall. “After bringing contactless payments to buses in our home town of Bristol, we are excited to have worked closely with Ticketer, Gemini 2000, and AIB Merchant Services to roll out contactless payments on Reading Buses.”

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One Comment on “Creditcall powers contactless rollout on Reading buses”

  1. April 5, 2017 at 11:17 am #

    Thank you to Creditcall and everyone involved for making this project a success. The feedback so far is extremely positive. Looking forward to doing more innovative projects in the future.

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