Advanced dynamic NFC/RFID tag ICs combine long-range contactless comms with fast transfer mode

The new advanced ST25DV dynamic-tag ICs are the latest addition to the ST25 NFC/RFID product family that come with a rich featured contactless RF interface and I2C bus. The dual-interface enables untethered interaction between an NFC-capable smartphone or an RFID reader and the host microcontroller located inside near-by equipment, such as smart meters, IoT devices, professional, or consumer products.

The ST25DV ICs uniquely support data exchange with extended communication range enabling “in the box programming” of electronic equipment at the point of production, as well as Fast Transfer Mode operation for software updates in the field with the help of any NFC-enabled mobile device. The ST25DV dynamic tags are compatible with any existing ISO 15693 RFID infrastructure, with no additional investment required.

The ST25DV series supports the NFC Type 5 and ISO 15693 RFID specifications, delivering the strongest features of each. It includes native NFC NDEF message support, and ISO 15693 long-range RF connectivity with Fast Transfer mode enabled by a large 256-Byte buffer. It also features the market’s highest EEPROM density of 64Kbits with multiple 64-bit passwords to offer enhanced data-protection capabilities.

The devices are tailored for industrial applications, with high write-cycle endurance of one million cycles at 25°C and 40-years data retention. They operate over a wide I2C supply-voltage range of 1.8V-5.5V, and consume minimal energy in all modes including the sub-1µA standby mode allowing use in power-conscious or battery-operated devices. They can also offer energy-harvesting capabilities that make them the ideal solution for zero-power applications.

Samples of the ST25DV dynamic NFC/RFID tags are available now, with volume production scheduled for May 2017 and budgetary pricing from $0.38 (for ST25DV04K in SO8 or TSSOP8 packages), for orders of 1000 pieces.

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