NXP expands IoT footprint with real-time NFC authentication

NXP Semiconductors N.V. has revealed new solutions to capitalize on the inherent security and interactive capabilities of NFC for advanced product authentication, integrity assurance and enhanced user engagement across consumer manufactured goods, healthcare, retail and other industries.

“With the growth in connected IoT devices, organizations are seeking ‘real-time,’ simpler, yet trusted and secure methods to protect consumers,” said Markus Staeblein, vice president and general manager for secure mobility and retail at NXP. “We’ve added more security features and made NXP NFC NTAGs more robust and suitable for in-demand use cases, such as proximity-based authentication and integrity protection, and expanded support for every relevant operating environment, whether it’s online, offline, with or without a smartphone application.”

A Solution to Combat Counterfeit Products

Fake products, improper product handling and counterfeit transactions are part of the daily challenges faced by major businesses and can destroy consumer confidence and trust in brands and services. NXP’s new devices that combat counterfeiting and tampering and work without a dedicated application, include:

  • NTAG 413 DNA: The device enables cryptographic authentication with Secure Unique NFC (SUN), which generates a secure one-time authentication code each time the tag is tapped by an NFC-enabled mobile device. Brand manufacturers and other organizations can now use multi-layered security to enable a broad range of trusted services, such as advanced anti-counterfeiting, unique user experiences, protected monetary offers, verified physical tag presence and authenticated documents.
  • NTAG 213 Tag Tamper: The device features a digital signature and tamper-evident feature. Tamper-evident NFC tags can be placed on a product’s label, seal, closure or container, and information can be accessed with a simple tap of any mobile NFC device. In addition, brands can engage consumers with relevant messages prompted by real-time product status.

Driving Secure Cold Chain Logistics and Enhanced Medicine Delivery

NXP NTAG SmartSensor devices, NHS3100 and NHS3152 are single-chip, integrated solutions that require minimal external components and can be designed to easily create NFC sensing and logging applications optimized for temperature monitoring in cold chain logistics, such as the transportation of cryogenic containers, as well as shipments of meat, produce and other goods where temperature or other advanced sensing monitoring is required. Additionally, NXP NTAG SmartSensor devices can be applied in solutions used to enhance patient and medicine adherence. Integrated in smart drug delivery devices — such as pill blisters, bottles, injection pens, inhalers or syringes — and combined with a smartphone application, SmartSensor devices provide patients and their caregivers with reminders and stimuli to alert them to follow their drug intake prescriptions.

NXP Eases Development with Kit, Tools and Services

NXP’s NTAG I²C plus Arduino pinout kit simplifies the development of connected tagsfor innovative NFC applications by interfacing with development platforms based on Kinetis, i.MX, UDOO Neo® and QorIQ. The new kit is well-suited for secure dynamic pairing with mobile devices; protocol agnostics and secure out-of-band commissioning for long-range connectivity technologies; and zero power configuration with mobile phones for industrial environments. Software support, including a Bluetooth pairing example is available through the Kinetis Expert tool. The NFC portfolio is supported by NXP’s approved engineering consultant program to offer experienced consulting or design services to help get products to market faster.

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