Global Leaders working to pave way for Public Transport Interoperability

The NFC Forum has announced the publication of the NFC Forum – ISO/IEC 14443 Analog Parameter Comparison and Alignment white paper.  The 143-page white paper defines a generic methodology to compare analog parameter limit values defined by the NFC Forum and ISO/IEC 14443.  It documents the methodology, procedures and results developed to ensure that NFC Forum-conformant mobile devices interoperate with ISO/IEC 14443- and ISO/IEC 18092-conformant public transport readers and objects, clearing a path to ensure reliable public transportation fare payment, ticketing and access control using NFC-enabled devices, such as smartphones.

“The catalyst for this collaborative industry effort was customer demand for mobility, a better user experience and connected environments,” said Paula Hunter, executive director, NFC Forum. “Looking ahead, the NFC Forum will continue developing partnerships with organizations that share our vision to create an extraordinary user experience.  I look forward to unveiling more about these partnerships as deployments progress throughout the year.”

The NFC Forum’s Transport Special Interest Group, European Committee for Standardization (CEN) TC278 WG3 and GSMA collaborated on the interoperability requirements between NFC mobile devices and public transport fare management infrastructure to produce the white paper.  The concept of interoperability and its technical foundation documented in the NFC Forum – ISO/IEC 14443 Analog Parameter Comparison and Alignment white paper was formally endorsed by the NFC Forum and CEN TC278 WG3. The NFC Forum, ISO/IEC JTC1SC17/WG8 and CEN TC278 WG3 agreed to continue technical cooperation to provide synchronized update of the specification as required.

“NFC is a standard feature on most smartphones and enables communication between a reader and a card up to 10cm in proximity making it ideal for public transportation and payment applications,” added Hunter.  “This white paper supports ongoing efforts to harmonize various contactless interfaces to reduce interoperability issues and provides Public Transport Operators, Mobile Network Operators, and handset manufacturers with a roadmap for accelerating the implementation of NFC-enabled mobile ticketing.”

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