NXP multi-purpose solution in Philippine beep™ Card for payment and transit ticketing

NXP Semiconductors N.V. will further its collaboration with AF Payments Inc., the company behind the contactless payment cards, beep™ cards in the Philippines, to add micropayment capabilities. The popular cards commonly used for transport ticketing in the Manila Light Rail Transit System Line 1 and 2, Manila Metro Train Transit System Line 3 and popular city bus routes, can now be used to pay at the FamilyMart convenience store chain, which is the second largest chain of 24-hour convenience stores in the world.

According to Peter Maher, AF Payments Inc.’s President and CEO, since the card’s launch, more than three million beep™ cards have been sold, accumulating more than four billion Philippine peso (PHP) in transactions with 18 million taps in a single month (March 2017).

“We chose MIFARE DESFire as the platform for our beep™ card because we had a bigger picture in our mind when kicking off beep™ card for transport ticketing. Now with FamilyMart allowing cashless transactions, we are convinced that it was the right choice to provide people living in and coming to Manila a convenient contactless and cashless experience even beyond transport ticketing,” said Peter Maher from AFPI.

Additionally the beep™ card can be reloaded at FamilyMart as it is a stored value card. Due to the card’s increasing popularity many additional services are likely to follow.

“The multi-application architecture of the MIFARE DESFire product line supports the AFPI strategy to provide multi-functional smart card by on-boarding third party services from other sectors. It allows them to add value to their core offering by integrating many more useful and convenient services for their loyal customers,” said Markus Staeblein, vice president and general manager, secure mobility and retail solutions at NXP. “Furthermore, our latest product, MIFARE DESFire EV2, allows customer centric organizations to offer their customers fully cloud integrated interactive experience for content management on their smart medium over the air.”

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